tadpole school!

Summer is officially in full swing over here.  We've already been to the pool and the zoo and it's only the second week of June!  Nick and I have been joking that summer is practically over already with all of the busy things we have on the calendar these next few weeks, it will likely go quick this year.  Now that Edwin is a little older there are a few fun things I am looking forward to doing with him this summer.  One of them was catching tadpoles!  I rallied a group of friends to meet at a park and armed with buckets, scoopers, and strainers, the kids spent the morning catching tons of tadpoles and had a blast doing it.  I planned a little "lesson" to go along and read the kids a few tadpole books, talked about the life cycle of a frog, and we even did a frog craft project.  It was fun to plan something a little more structured for a play date, and it felt good to use some of my hard earned teaching skills.  I'm also just amazed at the new stage of learning Edwin has reached lately.  He is soaking up everything like a little sponge and I am realizing just how much this little person is capable of learning right now.  I have a feeling we will find ourselves at this park again over the next couple of weeks, getting our feet wet, and watching the polliwogs grow!

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