arthur @ two months

Our little guy turns two months old this week, and just as I was hoping, has started flashing us those charming baby grins!  Arthur is a good natured and predictable baby.  He is a great eater, and I just want to smoosh those chubby cheeks all day long!  He has started taking a bottle so I can get out of the house and coach Moms On The Run a couple nights a week too.  I really debated whether or not I should coach right now because the season started when he was just 5 weeks old, but fitness has been such a passion of mine throughout the years that it feels really good to be pursuing something that I am interested in that is making a difference in the lives of other moms.  I am really grateful to have found a little job that works well for my family right now.

Also, I wasn't really sure if I would continue to post baby pictures here.  It's gotten more challenging for me to keep up with photography, creative hobbies, and blogging these last couple of years, but I would like Arthur to have a few baby pictures, seeing as I took about a million of his big brother.  So, I'm going to hold myself accountable this year and at least pop in every couple of months with a baby pic or two.  We are getting ready to take Arthur to our family cabin for the first time this weekend.  Here's to our first real getaway as a family of 4!
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