a quick homemade birthday gift!

I started this project several weeks ago and realized that it would make the perfect little birthday gift for Edwin's third birthday next week.  I quickly finished it up this weekend and I think it turned out so cute.  I followed this pattern for the cozy car caddy, but made a few of my own changes, like gluing on the felt numbers instead of painting them on, and I also skipped the piping around the edge, and instead turned all of the edges under.  I used quite a bit of scrap fabric I had on hand but found the license plate fabric and gray felt for the road at Jo-Ann Fabric.  The matchbox cars were in a little grab bag at the thrift store, so the whole project cost less than $7!  I've been trying to come up with new little things for Edwin to do during "quiet time" in the afternoons and I am hoping this makes a good toy for him to play with in his bedroom.  Either way, I think it's adorable!  I've been seriously bitten by the sewing bug lately and have plans to work on his quilt in between meals this holiday.  My goal is to finish the quilt by Christmas and I already have ideas for curtains to make after that.  See what I mean?  One project leads to another these days!


the first snow of the season!

The snow is officially here for the winter and truthfully we are sort of happy it is.  Having snow on the ground makes playing outside so much more fun.  We are definitely making the most of it!

Early in the fall we put up a little play set in our backyard.  I had forgotten that slides are so much more fun in the winter because the kids just fly off of them in their snow pants!  It's pretty cute and makes the backyard just that much more entertaining.

We've also enjoyed a few winter walks, having snow for a snack, and making snow angels.  This toddler of mine is really easy to please these days and spending my days with him helps remind me that sometimes the simplest things are really the most fun. 
I know the farmer's almanac is predicting another terrible winter in the mid west, but I am trying to stay blindly optimistic and will do my best to enjoy the good days, with blue skies and hints of sunshine, when we get them.  We had a few this week and I am thankful for that.
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