new baby on the way!

We've recently turned the corner into our second trimester, and it is definitely time for me to write a little bit about this new pregnancy.  I know this journal of mine seems to ebb and flow, or do nothing at all most of the time, but I don't want to be kicking myself someday for not recording a little bit more about this exciting time in our lives.  Here we are!  Baby #2 is due March 20th, the first day of spring!  Nick and I have known for a long time that we wanted another child, just one more, and the timing finally felt right.  I learned with my first pregnancy and child, that it's really important to celebrate every little milestone, and this certainly feels like one.  Time is actually going very quickly, which only sort of scares me!  In 6 months I'll be holding and nursing another little baby.  It doesn't seem real yet, but I know that we are ready for it.  Edwin is also very excited!  He noticed weeks ago that my belly was getting bigger and I'm always surprised at how interested he is in the idea of a brother or sister.  In fact, he talks about it all of the time, and in typical toddler fashion, it's pretty hilarious.  I've been writing down a few things that he's said lately and I thought I'd share what Edwin thinks about this new little one.

"I love the baby."

"Mama, are you and the baby tired?"

"The baby's name is Margaret."  (which I sort of like actually!)

"When I'm a big brother, you'll get me rollerblades."

"The baby is coming tonight!"

"When I'm a big brother I'll get a bat and hit a homerun!"

"Give the baby some coffee." 

I am hoping to do a few pregnancy updates here along the way, and maybe a few more "Edwin installments" of how he's adjusting to the idea.  Although the pictures don't show it that well, this bump is definitely getting bigger, along with the rest of me.  This mama is hungry all of the time!  Eggs and cheese are my favorite foods right now, but honestly, everything tastes really good!  I've been working hard to stay healthy and supplement my nutrition with tea and prenatal vitamins.  I can tell a huge difference when I am taking my vitamins and getting enough water, rest, and exercise.  I feel very very good right now and I am so thankful!  My first pregnancy was something I cherished very much and I didn't know if anything could ever top that, but this time around is proving to be just as magical.  Plus, it's not as scary.  I know a little bit better what to expect and that is very comforting right now.  The main difference is that I am even more excited for what is to come.  Some days I would like to skip the pregnancy and go straight to the baby.  But, I know I need some time to prepare, so here we go!
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