edwin at the lake

A few weekends ago we made it over to Lake Wissota for a gorgeous day relaxing at the beach. Edwin was pretty much in heaven and played in the water and sand non-stop until we finally had to go when his dad and I had gotten too much sun.  Of course I remembered to lather Edwin up in sunscreen, twice, but Nick and I both left the beach that day with sunburn.  I think we could all use our own little wetsuit!  I got Edwin's at a thrift sale when he was 6 months old and it is so stretchy that he never seems to outgrow it, and I love that it helps protect him from the sun.  

He was content all day carrying buckets of water and rocks around the beach and dumping them into "the ocean" or "the sea" or "the pond" which he so fondly calls any body of water these days.  And, of course, Nick and I had to build him his first sand castle with a mote!
We also got a bonus visit with my sister and her kids while they were camping at the park.  Edwin just loves his cousin Kody and it's always so much fun when we can get the kids together these days. Hooray for cousins!!


edwin 25/52

We kicked off summer this week with so many outdoor activities including more time spent at the farm, bike riding, playgrounds, music in the park, a little backyard art project, and a beautiful day at the beach.  I'm actually really trying to take it easy right now and not over schedule our days, but summer is so busy and fun it's hard not to get swept up in all of the activity!  Edwin and I are enjoying our time together very much.  It feels so good to be at home. 


summer and beyond...

Summer break is about to begin for Edwin and I and we couldn't be more excited or ready for the change in routine.  These last few months have been especially busy and emotional for me as I've said my goodbyes and packed up my classroom to take a break from teaching for awhile.  The last five years have been a wild ride teaching in a middle school and I'm looking forward to a new chapter to focus on my family for a bit.  I'm not sure exactly how long I'll be away from the work force, or what other opportunities will come my way, but I'm putting all of my faith in the health and happiness of our family and hoping to find a simple rhythm in life that nourishes us inside and out.  We don't have any big plans for summer other than to relax, spend time together, and head to our cabin on Sugar Camp Lake.  This morning Edwin said, "Mama, lets lay in the backyard on a blanket and watch the sun go and the moon go."  Sounds just perfect to me.

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