easter weekend on film

Our Easter weekend was extra eventful this year.  I think Edwin is finally at the age to enjoy holidays like this one and it was so nice to spend the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and time with family.  We actually went to a crazy Easter event called an egg-drop.  The Easter bunny flew by in a helicopter, yes a real helicopter, and dropped colorful Easter eggs on the ground for the kids!  It was the most memorable Easter egg hunt I've ever witnessed and I'm hoping Edwin has funny memories of seeing the Easter bunny flying in a helicopter someday! :)

We also made sure to spend some time outside at the park.  We are all so excited for spring right now and it feels so good to be getting outside and playing again!
I also think I'm finally starting to get a little bit better at focusing my film camera!  I was using my Kodak Porta 160 film (good for portraits,) and I just love how these ones turned out so much.

One of the best parts of the weekend was combining Easter dinner with three family birthdays!  My 32nd birthday is next Saturday, Nick's Aunt Nina turned 60 yesterday, and Nick's grandma Norma Jean celebrates her 90th birthday this week!  Edwin is so lucky to have gotten to know her so well these last two years and he loves her so much.  I hope I am half as kind and sweet and healthy as she is when I am her age.  Happy birthday Norma Jean, you truly are an inspiration!


edwin wearing bibs 16/52

We had the most beautiful Easter weekend.  I did shoot one roll of film that I am hoping to share later in the week, but I had to pop in with this picture that Nick took right before we went to see our family for Easter dinner.  We've been trying to convince Edwin for weeks to wear these bibs and he outright refused.  We'd tried everything from bribery, to calling them "train conductor pants," to showing him pictures of other little boys in bibs, until fiiiiinaaalllly I convinced him that bibs were fun and cute and that he should wear them.  Thank goodness it worked because I was starting to get frustrated with him and desperately wanted to take a picture of him in his little overalls!  So, there you have it, Edwin finally wore his bibs!


edwin 12,13,14/52

Last weekend we went to a local farm to see a few spring animals.  Edwin was very interested in the baby chicks and even got to hold a few.  This summer we are going to try to work at a local CSA and I'm hoping Edwin enjoys running around the farm and seeing the animals.

We tried to spend as much time together as a family as we could this weekend.  Lately, we've had a few reasons to stop and think about what is important to us and it's sinking in that family is really what it's all about.  I am very grateful for mine and am going to try to do a better job of remembering that each and every day, even when I'm stressed about working, trying to take care of my house, or dealing with what feels like the millionth tantrum.  Yes, this sweet smiling boy of mine has his fair share these days and I'm constantly being challenged on how to deal with them.  We are learning so much right now.

I am still trying to figure out the manual focus on my film camera.  It's trickier than you might think. But I'm going to keep practicing and one of these days I'll get it.  It takes me awhile to finish a roll of film so I may have to spread my 52 project photos out every few weeks or so.   
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