edwin on ice skates!

Edwin went ice skating for the first time!  I never would have thought a little two year old could ice skate, but he did really well and it was so much fun.  A huge thank you to our friends, the Millers, for bringing along an extra pair of skates, encouraging me to let Edwin give it a try, and taking photos and a video for me to share.  I see a lot of skating at the neighborhood rink in our future!

Please excuse Edwin's tantrum on the ice...he's pretty independent when he wants to be. ;)


  1. Yay Edwin!! What a big boy!! (LOVE the tantrum on the ice - how DARE you help him while learning a completely new skill, mom!) :)

    1. He's definitely got an opinion on things these days! ;) I was seriously in shock that he was skating. These kiddos are growing up way too fast!!!


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