strawberry jam

This week has been festive in my kitchen as strawberries have finally hit the stands!  I made my first batch of freezer jam that uses honey, balsamic vinegar, and instant pectin.  I found the recipe over on the ball canning website, which is my go-to source for some of the small batch canning (or freezing) that I do.  This isn't an overly sweet jam and the balsamic vinegar gives the flavor a bit of sophistication.  I've been eating it on crackers and I'd love to try it with brie cheese or mixed with olive oil to make a quick strawberry vinaigrette for salads.  I love the satisfaction of seeing little jars of preserves around my kitchen.  It's one of my favorite parts of summer!  Happy 4th of July and I hope it's filled with lots of strawberries and fireworks!
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