mother's day

This mother's day we spent some time running in the grass outside.  Edwin found some rocks to climb and jump off of, and it was better than any playground we've been too.  He loves to jump, and be chased, and I love how sweet his blonde hair looks when it's getting too long and the wind is blowing it around.  I'll be sad when his hair starts to darken up (it's inevitable, right?)

I love being his mom so much... even when he steals my gardening shovel, or dumps out all of the bubbles, or drops his snack all over the ground but eats it anyway, and attaches himself to my leg because he wants up, or tries to squirm out of my arms because he wants down.  The most important thing I've learned from being a mom is that I get a lot of chances to do things right, so even when I make mistakes or have a hard day, I feel like I can try and do better the next time and it will be okay.  I have grown so much from this motherhood experience and I know it is making me a better, stronger, more loving and patient person.  One things for sure, being outside with my little boy is very very good for my soul.  We have a lot of sunny days ahead and I'm going to try hard not to take them forgranted. 

(and thank you, Nick, for taking pictures of us at the park!)


the longest winter ever...is finally over!!!

It's officially warm here in Wisconsin...and thank goodness!  If it weren't for the glorious sun and warmth I might be a little sad that we went straight from snow to green grass, because our very brief puddle jumping season was a blast.  Edwin loves to splash around and last weekend we headed out in search of the biggest puddles we could find.  We had to tear him away when he was finally soaked (after about 20 min.) and he threw a little tantrum because he was having so much fun.  Here are a few photos from our very, very short spring.  On to summer I guess!

Also, am I the only one whose toddler insists on playing in everyone elses yard?  He thinks he can explore wherever he pleases.  If you need me, I'll be chasing Edwin around my neighborhood while he walks up to strangers doors and says, "knock, knock, knock."  Where does he get this stuff?!
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