the little monster can stand!

So 10 months old has turned out to be a pretty fun baby age.  Although Edwin isn't walking just yet, the kid is definitely mobile.  And as parents like to say, "he's into everything!"  His current favorite curiosities are pulling all of the cd's off the cd shelf, pulling all of the books off of the book shelf, pulling himself up onto anything nearby, getting into the open fridge, climbing out of the bathtub (scary!) climbing on the dog, trying to climb the stairs (also scary!), speed crawling, and of course, trying to eat the dog food and splashing in his water dish.  Um, I think we might need to baby proof?!  Edwin loves drinking water and is also getting pretty good at feeding himself with finger foods.  I can't believe how fast he is hitting these milestones.  I get kind of emotional when I think about how fast this year has gone and how I need to start planning his little birthday celebration.  To say this baby has changed my life is a complete and total understatement.  I have learned so much, and grown so much, and slept so little, and cried, and smiled constantly, and hugged him so so hard this year.  I sort of don't want him to grow up and feel these sweet baby days slipping away much too quickly.

The pace of life with a baby has prompted me to make some changes at work and go part-time.  I know I've been pretty lucky to have had so much at-home time with him this year, a luxury that not all new moms get.  But, it still isn't enough.  Working full-time and taking care of a little one at home is completely exhausting and I'm hoping to find a happy medium between my career as an art teacher and being a mom.  A happy mom.  My fingers are crossed that by the end of the year we will have found a replacement for me at work and I will work half-days and get to spend the other half at-home with Edwin.  I have tons of faith in this decision and have thought long and hard about it for the past 10 months!  I can already tell that becoming a mom has strengthened my skills as a teacher and given me a new perspective on working with kids.  In a few years when I'm sending Edwin off to school, I'll likely be excited to be in the classroom again full-time.

Stay tuned for more milestones - they are coming quickly!
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