drawing and stretching

I know this little blog of mine has turned into a serious baby explosion this year so I am sort of shocked myself that I have something different to share.  And, it's drawing!  Waaaaaay back in my pre-baby days I used to do some digital illustration as a hobby and really enjoyed it.  But for lack of time, and lets face it, complete and total exhaustion, most of my hobbies are on a temporary hiatus while I marvel at the little life I created and how quickly he is growing up.  Oh wait, was I talking about babies again?  I'm sorry, back to the topic at hand!  A friend asked me to do some illustration work for her health and wellness publication and I jumped at the chance.  I downloaded Sketchbook Pro on my iPad and did most of the work on that because it was so portable for me to work on wherever and whenever.  I really enjoyed working on these and it felt great to be doing something creative again.  The irony though is that I spent hours drawing yoga poses and now I feel like I need yoga class myself.  I have always loved yoga and definitely miss the freedom I used to have to attend classes whenever I wanted.  Now I need to be a bit more disciplined to work on practicing yoga at home in spite of the constant distractions...baby, dinner, dog barking, cleaning, baby, you get the idea!  I've also made a promise, now that Edwin is older, to start going to either a yoga or a meditation class on Tuesday nights.  Kind of like a date night with myself!  I hope to teach him about these wonderful practices (yoga, meditation, AND drawing) someday so I need to do my best to keep them going in my own life in spite of the distractions and exhaustion that comes with being a new mom.  Wish me luck!    


8 months old!

Just dropping in to share my latest baby photos!  Edwin is 8 months old and making the most amazing faces.  And, check out those bottom teeth!  Is it just me, or is he getting cuter? ;) 
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