baby kisses

Guess what?  Today is an anniversary of sorts.  Exactly one year ago I found out I was expecting!  I took a pregnancy test at 2am (I was so excited I couldn't wait until morning) and our journey to parenthood began!

Fast forward one year, and Edwin is 4 months old.  I love being a mom so much and cannot imagine life without him.  4 months is actually a pretty fun age.  He is still very portable, smiles all of the time, babbles constantly, and also started sucking his thumb.  It's so cute!  Nick and I love snapping photos of him and last week our friend took a few family photos for us.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I'm back at work.  It is extremely busy right now, so many days I feel like I'm trying to do way too many things at once and not accomplishing anything.  But, I do think having a baby has helped ground me a little bit and forced me to slow down and enjoy the moment and each passing phase.  I also need to stop and remember from time to time how amazing it is that I've completely grown this baby for a whole year!  It's been hard work, but totally worth it.
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