Edwin @ 14 weeks

Hello!  I'm a bit late with our 3 month baby update, but it's for good reason.  I started back at work.  Full time.  It's been sort of a scramble that we are slowly figuring out.  Luckily, it would seem that we have the most agreeable baby on the planet, making this transition go just about as well as it could.  I thought I'd share a bit of what our days are like right now.  Although hectic, I'll likely miss them when they are gone and my baby is all grown up. 

Lets start at bedtime, shall we?  Edwin generally falls asleep between 9-10pm and I put him down in his crib.  At this point, I make sure my lunch is packed and hit the hay myself.  He gets up to eat again anytime between 1am and 4am, and usually goes right back to sleep.  I start getting ready for the day at 5:40am.  Making breakfast, trying to look presentable, packing the diaper bag, etc... Edwin either gets up to eat again or I wake him up to feed him at 6:45 so I can be out the door around 7:00am.  Nick gets him dressed and drops him off at the day care center.  He spends all day kickin' it with other babes, doing his thing (eating, sleeping, smiling, pooping, crying, etc...) while I'm at work.  Teaching is sort of like riding a bike and I fell back into a routine with my students after just a few days.  But, I have a lot to take care of in my department - kilns to fire, supplies to order, projects to grade, and a messy art room to keep organized, in addition to teaching all day, and pumping breast milk on my breaks.  I usually pump 3-4 times a day in order to get enough milk for Edwin while I'm away.  So far, so good.  By the end of the day I can't stop thinking about Edwin and wondering how he's doing, but I know I need to get a short workout in.  I either hit the gym for 30 min. or grab my dog for a quick run.  By this time, I'm totally exhausted and sweaty and any attempt to "look presentable" for the day is long gone.  I roll into the day care center, grab by baby and burst into tears because he's so cute and I'm so happy to see him.  He just looks at me like, "What's up mom?"  and gives me a big grin.  Like the one in the photograph.        

Once at home, I snuggle up on the couch with him, relax, and try to ignore all of the things around me that "need to be done."  I somehow get supper made, or we get take out.  In between looooong nursing sessions I do a load of laundry, have a snack, or pick up the house a bit before the bedtime routine begins.  I'll give him a bath or a massage, put on his pj's and wait for sleep.

Whew.  I think I need a nap now!  But, even though life is busier than ever, I can't stop thinking about all of the things that I want to do.  The trick is finding spare moments to do them and not stressing out about unfinished things.  I'm definitely learning to let some things go and prioritize.

But really, I just wanted an excuse to show you this adorable picture of Edwin.  Seconds after this photo was taken he spit up all over his outfit.  And, that's pretty much life with a baby!
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