holiday cheer

We are doing some serious holiday celebrating this week!  I've been doing lots of baking while Edwin naps and him and I have been trying to spread a little holiday cheer to all of the wonderful friends and family who have helped us adjust to our new life with a baby.  It is an especially happy holiday at our house.  A 3 week old baby is the best Christmas present I've ever gotten...or given!


choosing a name

When we were in the process of choosing a name for our little guy it helped us to write it out several times and look at it and compare it with other names or alternate spellings.  Edwin was one of the first boy names we came up with months ago and it just seemed to stick.  During the last month of my pregnancy we took a look at more name books just to be sure, but nothing sounded as good.  We plan to call him Edwin for now, but as he gets older maybe he will shorten it to Ed, or Win!  One of our favorite musicians, Win Butler, did that.  Our sons middle name, Einar (eye-nar), was Nick's grandfather's name.  He was Norwegian.  Right after Edwin was born I accidentally called him Einar.  I plan on reserving the use of his middle name for when he's in serious trouble, but thankfully, that hasn't happened yet. 

Above are a couple of quick sketches his dad and I did when we were finalizing our name decision.  Mine is the top one, done with a calligraphy pen and Nick scrawled the bottom one with a ball point pen.  I quick scanned them in and traced them in Illustrator.  I've already started a little box with a few baby items in it and I think I'll put the originals in there to look at someday.



Wow!  The last couple of weeks have flown by and I'm a bit late in announcing the birth of our little baby boy!

Edwin Einar was born on Saturday, December 3rd, after 36 hours of labor.  Although a bit long, I could not have asked for a better labor and delivery experience.  I was able to labor at home rather comfortably for 24 hours before checking in to the hospital to find out I was dilated to 7cm!  Once in the hospital things were, of course, more intense.  Thanks to my amazing husband, Nick, best friend and delivery nurse, Lynsey, and midwife, Margo, I had the best support team someone could ask for.  I safely had a natural childbirth.  I'm also well on my way to a great recovery.  Only 11 days post-partum and I'm feeling really good.  The hardest part most days is my hormones.  Life has suddenly changed so much that I can hardly keep up...or get any rest.  But, that is to be expected, and a few extra tears never hurt anyone.  I'm thankful that little Edwin is a great eater and has already gained 5 oz. up from his birth weight of 7lb.15oz.  He'll be big and strong in no time!

Life with a newborn is interesting.  He loves to eat and sleep a lot.  He definitely has his days and nights mixed up.  He doesn't like bath time, but seems to tolerate slobbery doggy kisses all right.  We've gotten outside a bit on some of our milder days, but we're mostly snuggled up indoors.  We've had lots of visitors and seriously have the most generous friends and family.  Gifts and food have been pouring in making our adjustment to home life relatively easy.  Nick and I can't get enough of his cute little faces and even at 2am...and 5am...they steal my heart every time.  And that blonde hair!  Don't even get me started!  He is definitely a spitting image of his daddy.  It's going to be so fun to watch him grow up.  I hear it happens pretty quickly.

I am definitely a proud mommy and am so thrilled that Edwin is a happy and healthy baby!
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