leaves + pumpkins

Here a few new cookie cutters I've added to my stash that are perfect for fall.  We're having some friends and family over this weekend and I'm hoping the kids will help me decorate these cookies.  If it's not too windy we may even have a bonfire and drink apple cider!


32 weeks

Check out the pumpkin I'm growing these days!  I think we've hit a growth spurt because my belly is feeling extra big and my belly button seems to be making more of an appearance too.  I am so lucky to have several friends borrow me a ton of maternity clothes to get me through these last two months.  I know some ladies swear by the "belly band" but there is no way I fit into any of my regular pants and elastic waistbands just feel so good!
We made it through a busy September and now sort of feel like we're just hanging out for the next couple of months...waiting.  The baby's room is pretty cute and most of my nesting is taking form in organizing paper work and cleaning the fridge.  I keep reminding myself that I'm never going to get it all done anyway so why stress about organizing everything.  Right?
Lately I've become fascinated with learning about childbirth.  I sit captivated during our classes and try to soak up as much as I can to prepare myself for the next stage in this journey.  I'm amazed when I remember that my mom and grandmothers did this numerous times, and by the time they were my age they already had most of their children.  The idea of having 4 or more children seriously boggles my mind.  How did they do it?
I'm just excited that our little one is going to have cousins.  Not only is my sister delivering her baby any day now, but my brother and his girlfriend are also expecting in the spring!  Exciting times for sure!

But, to help me get through this final stage of pregnancy, I've definitely needed some more creative coping skills.  Here is a list of what I'm currently loving and what I'm hoping will help me through my 8th month...

1.  Weekly pre-natal yoga classes
2.  Lavender epsom salt
3.  King size pillows
4.  Pregnancy tea
5.  This set of prints
6.  These healthy snacks
7.  Swimming laps
8.  This cheap and awesome body cream
9.  Walking my dog
10. Getting to bed by 10 every night

Okay, month 8.  I'm ready.
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