28 weeks

I sort of can't believe I am in my third trimester already!  Summer flew by, as usual, and the fall frenzy is well underway here.  Work is especially busy these days and September is filled with baby appointments.  I have midwife meetings every other week, a series of child birth classes, a breastfeeding intro class, and a family baby shower!  All good things that are helping the weeks go by so fast!  Not to mention, we are expecting our new little niece to be born at the end of the month!!!!!!  My sister is in her final days of pregnancy and I am beyond excited for her.  It is going to be so fun to have new little babies together.  Life is really, really good!

Of course, I have to share a few pregnancy tidbits as this is by far the biggest change ever in my life and I hope to remember some of it.

The strangest thing is definitely the anticipation of all of the changes that are happening.  I feel like I'm always a bit anxious/nervous to get to the next stage and then when I'm there it seems totally fine and normal.  Every day I can't believe I feel as good as I do.  I am miraculously still running (although slowing down quite a bit) and am so proud of myself for staying so active.  Running, swimming, biking, walking, and yoga have definitely helped me maintain as much normalcy as possible in my life and I think have helped my body adjust to the changes that are taking place.  Thanks to my activity level my appetite has always been hearty, so pregnancy doesn't really feel much different.  Although, nutritionally, I did have some iron deficiency which caused (helacious) RLS at night...not cool.  I've since upped my iron which is helping, but my leg is still a bit sore/swollen and I have some varicose veins that will probably only get worse from here on out.  But, it did help me learn how important my sleep is!  I now have a strict bedtime routine which is great for resting my swollen legs, reading baby books, and feeling the baby kick.  I think he/she is a night owl.
I don't think any pregnancy is without some of the typical symptoms and I'm definitely experiencing my fair share, but, I'm learning a great deal about my body which I think will be invaluable once I have a new little one to take care of in addition to myself.  Gosh, I'm looking forward to that.
Just this week my belly has started to feel huge!  It's gestational size has been a bit small (26.5 cm/ weeks today) but I think that is all about to change as baby packs on the pounds.  Trimester three is all about baby growth, therefore, belly growth!  I'm going to try and snap more photos, but need to find a few more cute shirts first.  I've escaped buying much for maternity clothing, but my creativity in the closet is beginning to run out and I have gained 20 pounds.  No wonder I'm tired.
As far as baby "stuff" goes we've inherited a bundle from our friends and family.  My father-in-law is fixing up a vintage crib for us and our basement is packed with a bazillion colorful baby toys and gadgets.  We are in the market for a nice recliner (La-Z-Boy!) that we can snooze and rock and breastfeed and read in.  It's really all about comfort!

Well, thanks for letting me ramble.  I should really post more frequently so I don't have to squeeze it all in right here, but I also don't want to write about my pregnancy constantly.  Some days it's good, some days it's not good and I like to let it happen a bit before I reflect on it.  But, stay tuned for more belly shots, and a new niece update, whenever she decides she'd ready to meet us!!!  I can't wait!
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