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We are having a baby and are beyond excited!  Yesterday we got to see our little peanut who will be born sometime around Thanksgiving.  I just started my second trimester and I think my belly is starting to show a bit.  The anticipation of a real baby bump and wanting to feel him or her wiggle around pretty much consumes all of my thoughts these days.  It's crazy how fast life can change.


sunshine date bars

Let's talk about dates.  Specifically, the medjool variety.  They are quite tasty, expensive, and can cure any craving for sweets in no time flat, and they are healthy.  Nature's cookie, really.  Feeling ambitious, I went for an old fashioned date bar.  I found a few recipes but decided to get creative and improvise.  I made the date puree by boiling them with orange juice for a citrus splash and mixed in sunflower seeds and coconut before adding the oatmeal crumb crust.  I like them a lot.  Especially after a long bike ride.

Nick and I took two long bike rides this weekend, hung out with family, made cobb salads, spent some quality time with our furry friend, and planned our anniversary get-away coming up next month.  We realized that our weekends are officially booked from now through the 4th of July.  To balance out the busyness I'll be spending as much time as possible sitting on my porch reading a book and eating these sunshine date bars.  This recipe was one of the more random things I've done in the kitchen so I'll let you find a good date bar recipe elsewhere.  They'll be just as good as mine.  


cheese haus

This weekend we spent a cold and rainy Saturday at an artisan cheese tasting event at Foster Cheese Haus (a small specialty shop 20 min. outside of town nestled quaintly next to the interstate.)  They are also cooking up some amazing wood fired pizzas these days!  We feasted on a bbq pulled pork with roasted red peppers and caramelized onions.  And I stuffed myself silly on 12 year aged cheddar and the best blue cheese I've ever tasted in my life.  I have a feeling a little trip to Hooks Cheese Co. in Mineral Point, WI (the oldest and cutest town in WI) just found a spot on our summer to-do list.

Speaking of summer...I can't wait!


unexpected gifts

Upon checking the mail this evening I found this package for me filled with the cutest books on earth! Thank you to my very thoughtful, book loving, friend for making my day!  I can't wait to dig into some new projects soon.  If you're not familiar with Nikki McClure definitely look at her work - she is amazing and totally what I need these days.
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