Happy birthday to me!  My sweet husband is taking me out for lunch today and my friends and family have been spoiling me with gifts and cards like crazy.  I am so very lucky!


wingback: work in progress

I'm spending my Saturdays this month at Blue Sky Galleries in Minneapolis, MN tackling a long anticipated project - reupholstering a wing back chair.  After countless hours removing staples and tearing off the old (coral colored) fabric I've finally gotten a few panels put back together.  I'm pretty pleased with how things are going so far and I can't wait to finish it up in a couple of weeks!  I have the daunting task ahead of me of sewing a box cushion with single welt and a zipper, but the studio has an industrial sewing machine with a walking foot that will hopefully make the whole thing a bit easier.  Next week I'll also finish up all of the remaining panels, carefully cut off the excess fabric, attach the double welt, and shine up that pretty show wood.  Crazily enough the most difficult part was picking out the fabric.  Of course I dreamed of using some awesome print but totally chickened out because repeat patterns can be so hard to line up correctly.  Also, upholstery fabric is expensive and I didn't want a lot of waste from possible mistakes.  Overall I'm really glad I played it safe with my fabric choice and I think it will look really pretty in my living room.  I'll probably post the final piece sometime next month.


baby bloomers

I am going to be an auntie again!  Next fall my big sis is going to have her first little one, and I couldn't be more excited for her!!  My whole family is pretty much over-the-moon because we weren't really sure if her and her husband would choose to have kids or not.  But, it looks like they did!  I am really looking forward to helping plan a baby shower for her this summer and spoiling her with all sorts of new mama goodies.  She is a very practical lady and I'm sure will only want the necessities but I'll do my best to sneak a few cutsie things her way.

On a craftier note, my sis announcing her pregnancy seems to have coincided with one of the more serious sewing benders I've had in awhile.  I couldn't help but pick up a baby sewing book and plan out all of the cute stuff I could make for her.  I'm currently working on perfecting the bloomers which are made out of a pretty awesome thrifted bed sheet (which I think is a gender neutral print, no?)  I'm still working out the pattern kinks but I think my next pair will be top notch.  I can't wait for baby Finch to try them on!
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