spiced chickpea soup

Ooooooh!  This soup is so good - garnished with lots of cilantro, sesame seeds, and lime.  If you want the recipe you'll have to pick up a copy of Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: The Many Little Meals of Rose Bakery, which is the featured cookbook over on 101 Cookbooks.  I'll be returning my copy to the library just as soon as I make the sugar free granola and then convince myself that I need to just own the cookbook anyway.  My cookbook collection is looking a bit sorry these days and could use a new addition.  

Also, can I talk about how spices have totally changed my life lately?  I suddenly put like a tablespoon of cumin in everything.  And, cardamom!  Don't even get me started.



A friend recently asked me if I could help her salvage some of her old kitchen towels from France into handkerchiefs.  I LOVE projects like this because I can use lots of crazy stitching and it's okay if it's a little crooked.  Some of them were really worn so I patched them up, and added some hanging loops.  I hope she likes them because I think they are darling!



A few weeks back I spotted the most beautiful pinstripe linen at bookhou (a super lovely shop/blog) that she made into coasters and napkins.  I've had a thrifted linen dress lying around that I didn't really want to wear (it gets way too wrinkly and drives me nuts) so I decided to use it to make the top of my coasters.  I created my own striped look using brown thread and the grid on my sewing machine and then backed the coasters with the brown and blue geometric decorators print.  I like how sturdy it makes them.  I haven't worked with linen much and was a bit frustrated when my thread kept getting knotted underneath, but after a google search I realized my tension was all wrong.  This project was a giant sigh of relief compared to my last one.  I made a quilted cushion using a zig zag pattern.  It took way too long and cost far too much.  It turned out well, but I haven't been able to keep my studio clean long enough to snap a decent photo.  Hopefully soon!  


chai spice tea

I am most definitely a tea person.  I have a large thermos that I cart around with me daily that weighs about 2 pounds when full and keeps my herbals piping hot for hours.  I love having my tea ritual, but sometimes I want caffeine!  I don't/can't drink coffee, (except for my obligatory cup of decaf after a holiday dessert with my in-laws) so I've had to find an alternative pick-me-up.  This was my first stab at homemade chai tea, and I'm hooked.  The recipe is simple and made my kitchen smell spicy and delicious.  I added extra cinnamon and ginger, decreased the sugar a bit, and served it with almond milk (my non-dairy beverage of choice).  This week I'm going to try keeping a batch around to have in the morning with my eggs.
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