drafting table

I am pretty well moved into my new space these days!  It seems like once I got a fresh coat of paint on the walls, the rest of the little details didn't matter much.  This used drafting table was a gift from my husband and it fits perfectly into this little nook.  I had thought about upgrading to something better for sewing, but I tend to do most of my crafting on the floor anyways...an old habit from my cramped college apartment I think.  I love having my own space so much.  It feels great to have stuff strewn about to work on!


painting day

Yes!  I am finally painting my studio after settling on a classic gray color from Benjamin Moore.  All of the wood work in the room is a dark walnut and our house tends to be dark in general, so I've really been leaning towards a white, to brighten it up.  But, being that it's the middle of winter, all of the color swatches I was choosing were called things like "winter white" or "white wisp" and I worried that the lack of sunshine around here was affecting my mood, and come summer I'd be kicking myself for having winter white walls.  So, after much deliberation, I settled on gray (okay, it's really white with a touch of gray), but I do think it's perfect.  I already have plans to brighten up the space with a new plant or two, an "inspiration" wall, and a colorful woven yoga mat that I've been eyeing up for weeks.

And, on a whim today I picked up a round trim brush.  It's seriously awesome for keeping the paint on the wall and not on the ceiling and trim.  I wish the people who painted before me would have had one instead of slopping pink and tan paint all over my beautiful wood work.  Luckily, I'm good with a paint scraper.  Next on the studio agenda will be finding a table for my computer.  I have a nice angled drafting table that I hate to get rid of, but if I find a better table for sewing/computing I might need to make the switch.
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