doing his work

We get a newsletter and photo album that shares what our child is up to at preschool each week.  It's so fun going through the pictures and looking for Edwin and reading about what he is learning at school.  There are usually so many other students in the photos that I would never think to share them here, but I loved these ones of just him doing his "work" at preschool.  I can't help but cherish these pictures and secretly hope the teachers take a few more just of him this year!


6 months old already...

Yup, time is officially going way too fast!  Little A turned 6 months old last week and in addition to crawling and eating real food, I can now add swinging to the list of fun things he's up to lately!  I'd forgotten that 6 months old is the absolute best age ever, but I have a feeling I will think that for every age going forward.  This baby is an absolute joy to spend my days with and I have no idea what we would do without him.  Edwin is super fond of him and likes to pick him up and carry him around, feed him with a spoon, and tickle and kiss him when he gets in the car after school.  It's been super fun for me to reflect on life last year, still newly pregnant, really having no idea what was in store for life with two kids.  I love it more than I ever thought I could.  For the first time in a long time I can finally say that life feels busy, in a good way!  I am soaking up these days and this season the best I possibly can.  My house is messy, I need to get groceries and make soup and baby food, and go to bed, but I also need to stop and give myself a big high five for making it through these last 6 months.  My heart is happier than it's ever been!


on the blanket in the backyard

Tonight I was trying to photograph Nick's grandmother's quilt and it somehow turned into a picture of the boys laying on it.  But actually, I really did just want a picture of the blanket!  Nick's 91 year old grandma hand stitched this blanket when he was growing up, but the stitching is now coming apart and needs to be repaired.  Some of it is so fragile that I think it might be better as a wall hanging to save on the wear and tear.  I'm not sure exactly what my plan is for it, but I'm saving the applique blocks that she worked so hard on and going to re-piece them together.  I might have enough to make two small wall hanging quilts and if they turn out nice I could give them to the boys when they get older.  I'm excited to have my next sewing project in the works!   


sewing for boys: an art smock

Maybe it's the new season approaching, or the fact that my little baby is almost 5 months old, but lately I've been feeling the urge to be doing creative projects again.  I dusted off my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago and spent some time scouring a friend's new fabric shop.  I picked out the most adorable green carp fabric for Edwin's new art smock and it's got me really excited for making projects for little boys!  The art smock only took me a few afternoons and it's already well loved.  I used this Simplicity pattern and I would love to make a couple more for friends or nieces.  It was the perfect project to get me back in the mood to be sewing and using my creativity again.  I find I am so much happier when I have a little project to work on when the kids go to bed or if I find myself with a rare afternoon when Edwin is entertained.  He loves painting so this project was a win-win!     

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