a few seconds

I recently discovered a new to me video app called 1 Second Everyday.  I experimented with it a bit this week and it was such a fun way to capture little moments in our day.  The app has a built in calendar and super quick editing feature that allows you to select a 1 second snippet from your video clip.  It's easy to use and feels perfect for me because I would love to document a bit more of whats happening with the boys right now but don't feel like I have a lot of time to dedicate to photos or editing.  In fact, it sort of feels like the perfect app for busy moms!  I can't say that I'll do it everyday for a whole year, but I think it would be fun to make a few weekly videos to capture some of the cute things that happen.  Arthur is just learning to walk and I would love to get that on video sometime soon!



Time has definitely gotten away from me this year.  It's been one of the fastest and most fun years I've had, probably ever!  I've fallen away from posting here on a regular basis, but looking back through my photos from this year made me so happy and nostalgic that I had to share a bit.  I can't believe how awesome it's been bringing Arthur into our family.  Nick and I announce on a daily basis how amazing babies are and we are doing our best to enjoy this crazy, chaotic stage.  There are a few big things happening in 2016 with Arthur turning 1, Nick opening a hotel, and Edwin starting 4K in the fall so it seems like 2016 will be a fun and busy year for us!


doing his work

We get a newsletter and photo album that shares what our child is up to at preschool each week.  It's so fun going through the pictures and looking for Edwin and reading about what he is learning at school.  There are usually so many other students in the photos that I would never think to share them here, but I loved these ones of just him doing his "work" at preschool.  I can't help but cherish these pictures and secretly hope the teachers take a few more just of him this year!


6 months old already...

Yup, time is officially going way too fast!  Little A turned 6 months old last week and in addition to crawling and eating real food, I can now add swinging to the list of fun things he's up to lately!  I'd forgotten that 6 months old is the absolute best age ever, but I have a feeling I will think that for every age going forward.  This baby is an absolute joy to spend my days with and I have no idea what we would do without him.  Edwin is super fond of him and likes to pick him up and carry him around, feed him with a spoon, and tickle and kiss him when he gets in the car after school.  It's been super fun for me to reflect on life last year, still newly pregnant, really having no idea what was in store for life with two kids.  I love it more than I ever thought I could.  For the first time in a long time I can finally say that life feels busy, in a good way!  I am soaking up these days and this season the best I possibly can.  My house is messy, I need to get groceries and make soup and baby food, and go to bed, but I also need to stop and give myself a big high five for making it through these last 6 months.  My heart is happier than it's ever been!
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