the first snow of the season!

The snow is officially here for the winter and truthfully we are sort of happy it is.  Having snow on the ground makes playing outside so much more fun.  We are definitely making the most of it!

Early in the fall we put up a little play set in our backyard.  I had forgotten that slides are so much more fun in the winter because the kids just fly off of them in their snow pants!  It's pretty cute and makes the backyard just that much more entertaining.

We've also enjoyed a few winter walks, having snow for a snack, and making snow angels.  This toddler of mine is really easy to please these days and spending my days with him helps remind me that sometimes the simplest things are really the most fun. 
I know the farmer's almanac is predicting another terrible winter in the mid west, but I am trying to stay blindly optimistic and will do my best to enjoy the good days, with blue skies and hints of sunshine, when we get them.  We had a few this week and I am thankful for that.


20 weeks!

I can't believe we are at 20 weeks already!  We had our ultrasound today and it was so much fun to see this cute wiggly baby up close.  It has the sweetest face and looks very healthy.  Our due date of March 20th is spot on.  We opted not to find out the gender again, and boy or girl we will be so thrilled.  Honestly,  I just can't wait to have this snuggly baby here with us. 

So far I've been feeling really good.  I sleep and eat all the time and I've already gained 15 lbs.  Knowing that this is my last pregnancy, I am trying not to worry too much about my weight gain, but this bump is definitely bigger the second time around (take a peak at my tiny little bump with Edwin.)  I am staying very active and still exercise several times a week, but it's also kind of nice to take a long nap once in awhile or have an extra bedtime snack.  No harm done, right?!  

Some serious nesting urges have kicked in and I've begun sewing a quilt!  I also started tearing up the old linoleum flooring in our kitchen because we hope to make a few updates to the space before baby arrives.  I've been cleaning out closets and trying to figure out a better system for getting chores done around my house.  Last weekend I went crazy prepping food for the week (check out what I made over at the Lean Green Bean) and it helped so much to have quick lunches and dinners ready to go.

I feel like I'm finding a good groove with this pregnancy and with being at home.  It's taken some time to adjust but I am really enjoying it.  Thanks for letting me share this big bump of mine.  Here's to halfway!


my favorite picture lately...

I started off the year working on Project 52, a photo challenge to take a portrait of my child once a week each week in 2014, but I fell off the wagon somewhere around week 25.  I blame it on a few things, like my venture into shooting with a film camera and my new pregnancy distraction!  I have definitely continued to take a lot of pictures of my (almost!) three year old, but have slowed down and have tried to become a bit more selective in what I capture, on film especially.  It recently took me about 6 weeks to finish a roll of film and this is one of my favorites from our trip to a friend's orchard early last month.  For some reason babies and toddlers eating apples are always so cute! (here is Edwin's apple photo from last year!)  And, I think this is probably the best shot I've ever taken using a roll of Fujifilm Pro 400H.  For some reason I haven't been real happy with the quality of my photos using that film and I don't know if I would buy it again, because I just don't know how/when to use the film properly.  When I saw this picture I was blown away at how beautiful the film grain looks on Edwin's skin.  It definitely stood out as a winner amongst the rest and I am pleased that I did get to see how lovely this film can be, even though I'll likely be sticking with the Kodak Porta 160 from here on out.  Anyway, thank goodness for apples because some days that is all I can get my kiddo to eat!  I hope you are having a beautiful fall.  I am going to miss the pretty leaves when they are gone. 


new baby on the way!

We've recently turned the corner into our second trimester, and it is definitely time for me to write a little bit about this new pregnancy.  I know this journal of mine seems to ebb and flow, or do nothing at all most of the time, but I don't want to be kicking myself someday for not recording a little bit more about this exciting time in our lives.  Here we are!  Baby #2 is due March 20th, the first day of spring!  Nick and I have known for a long time that we wanted another child, just one more, and the timing finally felt right.  I learned with my first pregnancy and child, that it's really important to celebrate every little milestone, and this certainly feels like one.  Time is actually going very quickly, which only sort of scares me!  In 6 months I'll be holding and nursing another little baby.  It doesn't seem real yet, but I know that we are ready for it.  Edwin is also very excited!  He noticed weeks ago that my belly was getting bigger and I'm always surprised at how interested he is in the idea of a brother or sister.  In fact, he talks about it all of the time, and in typical toddler fashion, it's pretty hilarious.  I've been writing down a few things that he's said lately and I thought I'd share what Edwin thinks about this new little one.

"Let's play belly bonk and smash the baby."  (belly bonk is a game we invented that involves touching our bellies together)

"I'm gonna poop on the baby."

"I'm gonna pee on the baby."  (there's a theme here apparently as potty training coincides with my pregnancy!)

"I love the baby."

"Mama, are you and the baby tired?"

"The baby's name is Margaret."  (which I sort of like actually!)

"When I'm a big brother, you'll get me rollerblades."

"The baby is coming tonight!"

"When I'm a big brother I'll get a bat and hit a homerun!"

"Give the baby some coffee."  (the one time I drink a tiny bit of decaf, he calls me out on it!)

I am hoping to do a few pregnancy updates here along the way, and maybe a few more "Edwin installments" of how he's adjusting to the idea.  Although the pictures don't show it that well, this bump is definitely getting bigger, along with the rest of me.  This mama is hungry all of the time!  Eggs and cheese are my favorite foods right now, but honestly, everything tastes really good!  I've been working hard to stay healthy and supplement my nutrition with tea and prenatal vitamins.  I can tell a huge difference when I am taking my vitamins and getting enough water, rest, and exercise.  I feel very very good right now and I am so thankful!  My first pregnancy was something I cherished very much and I didn't know if anything could ever top that, but this time around is proving to be just as magical.  Plus, it's not as scary.  I know a little bit better what to expect and that is very comforting right now.  The main difference is that I am even more excited for what is to come.  Some days I would like to skip the pregnancy and go straight to the baby.  But, I know I need some time to prepare, so here we go!
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